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Electric Buses – Transforming European Transport

Alstom Aptis

Alstom Aptis and Foresee Due to Disrupt

Is it a tram? Is it a bus? It’s an Aptis! The global quest for zero emissions is being taken seriously in Europe and has given rise to a wave of electric public transport offerings. The French multinational rail development company Alstom developed an innovative electric transport solution that provides the advantages of a tram, but as a bus. The Aptis electric bus was designed with a low floor and as much as 20% more glass surfaces, giving passengers a unique experience while making use of efficient and clean city transportation. This is not only excellent news for the environment, it’s also great for battery manufacturers like Forsee Power.

A Powerful Partnership

In 2018 Alstom announced that the French battery manufacturer Forsee Power would be partnering in equipping its electric buses with batteries. From 2019 onward, all Alstom Aptis buses will be equipped with the technology of Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) Li-ion batteries as a standard feature. Alstom revealed that Forsee Power was selected as the provider for various reasons, most notably its advanced technology when it comes to density and yield. It was also a popular contender because it provides excellent value for money, and because of its eco-friendly practices: Forsee Power batteries are recyclable, and its cells can be reused.

Superior Solutions

Aptis Interior

Working together, Alstom Aptis and Forsee Power have defined the most suitable product for the range of Aptis electric buses, considering all requirements. The solution they came up with gives Aptis fantastic flexibility in terms of openness to charging speeds and battery technologies in comparison to other vehicles in its category. Through this solution, municipalities will be awarded the much sought-after ability to reduce the financial impact of switching over to public transport driven by electricity. By making long-term battery leasing options available, the cost of the batteries can be spread over the lifespan of the vehicle. The partnership is also exploring ways in which real-time battery use can be monitored with optimized usage cycles and increased battery life expectancy as the goal.

Why this is so Important to Europe

Regulatory bodies in Europe have meticulously been imposing regulations in the slow but steady move towards zero emission vehicles. Although the largest automobile manufacturers have historically been on good terms with the European Commission, relationships have recently been put to the test as inconsistencies in emission tests were picked up. Does this mean that the authorities have given the automotive industry a bit too much slack? Transport continues to be responsible for over 25% of the total greenhouse emissions in Europe, despite regulations introduced to curb this as long as two decades ago. According to reports made by NGO Transport and Environment, regulations have only delivered a reduction of around 10% in emissions in 20 years. Considering these dire statistics, advancements in electric mobility, like the partnership between Alston Aptis and Forsee Energy are exciting indeed!




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