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A “Cool” Court Ruling

Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab
Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab (Photo credit: clintonjeff)

Oh to be on the front line of the current tech wars between Apple and the rest of the world. Euro Cheddar has been judiciously following what initially appeared to be quite a dry, dreary case, which has now morphed into something thatwill perhaps forge new laws regarding design innovation and much more. Apple and Samsung have been locking horns (as well as with Google) for quite some time over patent infringement, and it’s become quite blurry to the consumer, so much so that the judge in the recent iPad/Galaxy Tab struggle made Apple write a note of contrition on the their website, deeming their previous posting erroneous and perhaps harmful to Samsung.

But beyond all this, and what seems to be different criteria for different products, as well as different nations’ laws, it’s quite interesting to see design in all of its manifestations in the dock. It’s quite amazing really, that judges, lawyers and the public get to pour over the minutiae of very technical design ideas bringing the modern notion of aesthetics, branding and ingenuity into the public spotlight. And guess what, judges use some very non-legalistic parlance, like deeming Samsung’s product not as “cool” as Apple’s.

The BBC reported recently that ‘Apple brought the case to the UK courts, alleging that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10 had infringed the design of its iPad. But in July, Judge Colin Birss disagreed on the grounds that Samsung’s product was not as “cool”.’ Well, there you go folks, it’s been decreed by the high courts what we already know: Apple’s products have the ‘sexy quotient.’ But the recent kerfuffle pertains more to a letter posted by Apple insinuating that the UK is different than other courts and that Samsung was somehow peddling illegal products. Apple said they would re-post a new letter, but within two weeks time, thus invoking more ire from the judge: “We are just amazed that you cannot put the right notice up at the same time as you take the other one down.” The case continues.

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