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Freebies: what business needs to know about giving stuff away

From time to time, you’ve seen companies giving away their products. Lively youngsters with trays of food or drink or small items move around...

Britons Vote and Stock Markets Rally

The third referendum in Britain’s history took place on June 23, 2016. The historic Brexit vote has been one of the most highly publicised...

Warring Factions Square up for Battle Royale in UK

On Wednesday, 11 May 2016, the Bank of England released details of its guidance for the UK economy in its inflation report. Among others, the Brexit remains front and center.

Xavier Niel of Iliad Sets Sights on UK

Xavier Niel is a successful European venture capitalist with extensive experience in the IT sector. He owns approximately 55% of Iliad. Now he is targeting a deal in the UK too.

BOE Likely to Delay a Rate Hike for the Next 4...

Mark Carney of the Bank of England is pushing back expectations for an interest-rate hike until at least 2017. The EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit) is expecting no rate hikes until 2020.

Is a Brexit on the Cards Anytime Soon?

The European Union has been coming under increasing fire from within, as member states are threatening to break away in favor of greater autonomy. In Britain, a renewed effort has been sparked in corporate circles to hold a referendum on the issue.