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Foundation Earth Project Leading the Way With Environmental Scores on Foods

Foundation Earth, a new non-profit organization comprised of global food giants and the world's top scientists, will ensure that environmental scores will be issued...

Air Pollution at Shocking Levels in European Cities

Alarmingly, five out of the top 20 cities with the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air are in the United Kingdom. Close to half of the cities with dense particulate matter are located in Spain.

How the Pandemic is Affecting Europe’s Top 5 Accommodation and Restaurant...

The five largest accommodation and restaurant markets in Europe could make over $410 billion in revenue this year. Although this may seem to be a significant amount, sales are down by a whopping $132 billion from 2019.

As COVID-19 Persists, the Real Estate Market Picks Up

How the Global Real Estate Market Is Slowly Recovering When COVID-19 hit, the global real estate market (along with everything else) was plunged into a...

Help-to-Save Program Helps Low Income Working Households Build Savings

Saving money for rainy days makes perfect sense, but unfortunately for many households, everyday expenses render such plans virtually impossible. For low-income people, the...

Shop Windows to Television – Mary Portas

Shop Windows to Television - Mary Portas Mary Portas is an English/Irish retail brand specialist and television presenter. Portas is known for being one of...