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Life in 3D

Can it be that after fifty years of just being a gimmick at drive-in movie theatres in Middle America, that 3D has finally cracked the...

The World’s Greatest App?

Just when you thought 90% of app’s were total rubbish, along comes one that has not only gained worldwide media attention, but also highlights how...

Africa’s Fertile Technological Landscape

After attending a recent design forum, where advertising, brand innovations and discussions about the communication possibilities the internet provides for businesses were the key topics,...

Deep Pockets, Deep Throat

It seems the blame game for the global financial horror show will continue apace. As Lloyd Blankfein et al, begin to defend their tattered...

The Knives Are Out In Phoneland

We try hard at Eurocheddar to avoid discussing the banal or mentioning business news deemed trite.