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Ruslan Baysarov’s Bridge Between Civilizations is Ready for Heavy Traffic

Amur River Highway Bridge, built by Ruslan Baysarov’s company SK Most will open soon. Never before has a single car crossed the bridge over the Amur from Russia to China or vice versa.

Mikhail Fridman — The Russian Self-Made Billionaire

Read here for information about Mikhail Fridman, a Russian billionaire and the largest shareholder of Alfa Group as well as the founder of LetterOne.

Work Complete on the Yamal Seaport

The SK Most group of companies, whose controlling shareholder is Russian businessman Ruslan Baisarov, who's estimated net worth is 900 million dollars, has completed...

The European Parliament takes Pre-Emptive Action against Killer Robots

Hollywood directors and screenwriters are not the only ones making scenarios about the rise of killer robots and their destructive effect on humanity. Members...

The Right to be Forgotten under Scrutiny in the EU Court...

In 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled that online information that is no longer accurate, adequate and relevant should be removed. This was...

How Russia is Dealing with the Agricultural Import Ban

Tackling Food Shortages In August 2014, Russia introduced a ban on importing a range of foods, making life a little harder for its citizens. The...