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GDPR Fines to Surpass €30 Million in the EU

The EU is set to surpass fines of €30 million in the first quarter of 2021. Find out what this means for Europeans.

Will the Dutch eat humble pie?

last two-year European financial crisis – but the time has now come for the Netherlands to implement their own rules or face penalties from...

Eurozone: with us or against us?

The dithering continues and it's proving costly. The latest news from the frontline of the crisis is still uncertainty, and the rescue firewall is...

Ok, Computer

Ok, Computer Germany is apparently utilizing some very high-tech innovations to prop up their factories and workshops, according to German news source, Spiegel International. By...

Do Nothing, Get More Done

Ah, Europe in August. The piazzas of Italy and villages in France reverberate with the sounds of shuttered windows closing and look more like...