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Lockdowns Have Knocked Down the Performing Arts in Europe

Of all the creative sectors that have been shaken over the past year, it is the performing arts in Europe that have been decimated by the public safety lockdowns imposed across most of the continent.

Spotify Proves that Euro Tech Can Grow

For decades, Silicon Valley has been synonymous with nearly every mind-bending development in the international big tech sector. This is where all the tech...

Conundrums of the Music Business

Having friends involved in quite high-ranking positions in music publishing and artist management, I’ve heard them lament on countless occasions, “Well, it’s a funny...

Saving the Music Industry

After the announcement in the press that EMI has, yet again, another new owner after the Guy Hands debacle - a Russian it's interesting to...

All Change Hands at EMI

As music website, pitchfork.com, so amusingly put it: "Your student loan interest is now being used to pay for Katy Perry albums." And so...

Spotify: A Sexy New Era

Living in Stockhom for the last year, I've been fortunate enough to meet some interesting people in that short space of time. One of...