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Apple and Amazon Continue Their Race past the $1tn Milestone

Apple has won the race to $1 trillion, beating Amazon’s same milestone by just over a month. The contest between these two giant corporations...

Hewlett-Packard CEO is Bullish about Growth Prospects

It was a shocking announcement to say the least – Hewlett-Packard will be splitting into two companies – Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. In the weeks since CEO Meg Whitman revealed that she would be spearheading efforts to break the company up into two separate entities, the media has had a field day. There is one dominant school of thought starting to emerge from the miasma which appears to support this form of divestiture as a lucrative long-term restructuring plan. It should be remembered that corporate spin offs are nothing new, as pointed out in an earlier article here at Euro Cheddar. After the split announcement was made, Meg Whitman has been on the corporate campaign trail discussing the merits of this strategic decision. Among the many positives she cites are the company's ability to invest in R&D (Research and Development) and M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).

Is Apple Finally Feeling the Heat?

An interesting article appeared in the Guardian technology section recently, commenting on Apple’s new, snide approach to marketing its latest ‘treasure’ – the iPad...

Android is Next

Anything that has become as ubiquitous as the smartphone has in our culture will undoubtedly involve, at some point, big battles over money. The...

How We Work

The BBC has been running an interesting series for several weeks about the offices of the future. Most of these article are commandeered by leading...

Holy Acquisition!

Microsoft is playing market hardball with its newest acquisition of internet phone provider, Skype, and they’re proving that assertion by paying a lot more than...