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How New Materials May Change The Way We Power Our Cities.

Lighting The Way The next few decades will see far more people living in cities. So how will already dwindling natural resources and overworked power...

British Walkabout: Pedestrians In London On the Rise

The British were the first to elevate ambling to an art. They popularized the peculiar European habit of wandering around on foot for no...

London Property Hunters Unperturbed by Global Woes

It can be said, without hyperbole, that both Europe and the US have seen unprecedented change in their respective housing markets since the crash...

Awaiting Calamity

Ah, London in the summer. The blossoms are out in posh Primrose Hill, the normally morose English are newly equipped with smiles and a...

The Cost of the Queen

In this era of cutbacks and austerity, it’s a difficult time to justify any kind of outlay. With the Olympics coming to London in the next few weeks, one has to wonder what this means for the economy of the UK – the visitors and advertising are worth a fortune for the city, sure, but how much is spent and will it cope with the logistics of such an event? We shall see. One could, of course, argue that national morale and a sense of escapism in turbulent times is incalculably important, whatever the cost. And the Brits still maintain a wartime spine when it comes to privations, and can put up with cutbacks with the best of them.

Boardroom Rebellion

Executive Remuneration has been the hot potato for politicians and the public since the decline of the west in 2007 began – and with...