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Will European Governments Require COVID Vaccination for Air Travel?

As several vaccines for COVID-19 are rolling out, the question for would-be travelers is, do you need to present proof of vaccination in order...

Companies Cringe As European Stability Is Called Into Question

The Greek Crisis has led to a shuttering of many IPOs in Europe, following uncertainty regarding the future of the common currency area.

The Reign in Spain

Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria , recently led a press conference announcing the government’s budget decision for 2013, and whilst many of...

Say Hello to a New Government!

The dithering at the heart of the eurozone crisis has left most bystanders as well as, I’m sure the parties involved, exasperated. Nothing seems...

Decision Time in Greece

Well, the final word has been spoken at the Greek polls: Stay with the euro! After much deliberation and consternation for months, the Greek...

Britain Won’t Wait

As the world holds its breath for the outcome of the latest round of Greek elections, many central banks are nervous enough to take...