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Football Returns in Germany, But Not As We Know It

All Eyes on Germany as Football Returns The eyes of the world turned to Germany as it kicked off its first match during the global...

Can European Major Averages Compete with the Best in the World?

The London Stock Exchange and the Deutsche Boerse are looking to tie-up a GBP 21 billion merger. But fears of the deal falling through are weighing on capital markets.

The Wealth of the Eurozone is Seriously at Risk

The German economy has hit the skids and there are growing concerns that Europe’s most stable nation will wreck the ailing recovering in the eurozone.

Germany is Deeply Concerned about ECB Policies

Mario Draghi is generally well respected throughout the 18-nation bloc Eurozone. As president of the European Central Bank (ECB) he is tasked with stabilizing...

German Growth Pushes Expanding Trade Differential

With concern over the future of the European Union member states remaining a hot topic of conversations throughout the global business community, many observers...

Struggles in Spain

Each struggling eurozone country must, in turn, lie on the proverbial operating table as the IMF, ECB and every ‘expert’ attempts to remedy what...