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It’s GDPR’s Birthday and More People Are Attending the Party

For businesses and brands, it comes down to basic elements of trust. Perhaps not surprisingly on the back of the pandemic, NHS and healthcare services are most trusted with people’s data. However, that may soon change, with plans for patient data to be shared with third parties in the UK.

GDPR Fines to Surpass €30 Million in the EU

The EU is set to surpass fines of €30 million in the first quarter of 2021. Find out what this means for Europeans.

The Threat to Personal Data and How to Combat It

Personal data has become a form of currency in the digital world. A consumer’s personal data is worth billions of dollars to tech giants...

The Right to be Forgotten under Scrutiny in the EU Court...

In 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled that online information that is no longer accurate, adequate and relevant should be removed. This was...