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Are Islamic Terrorists Taking Advantage of the Refugee Crisis?

Security experts claim that hundreds of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorists are infiltrating the ranks of thousands of refugees flowing into the West. Read...

Facebook Disputing Class Action in Europe’s Top Court

Facebook privacy is under the spotlight again, this time in the CJEU, Europe’s top court, as they face a ruling on whether charges against...

Britons Vote and Stock Markets Rally

The third referendum in Britain’s history took place on June 23, 2016. The historic Brexit vote has been one of the most highly publicised...

Mario Draghi Wastes No Time Stimulating European Economy

Mario Draghi Embarks Upon a Bold Asset Repurchases Program The Eurozone is an ocean of economic and political uncertainty. With debate swirling about the possibility...

Can European Major Averages Compete with the Best in the World?

The London Stock Exchange and the Deutsche Boerse are looking to tie-up a GBP 21 billion merger. But fears of the deal falling through are weighing on capital markets.

Patrick Drahi goes from Austerity to Expenditure

Cost-cutting measures were a staple of Patrick Drahi’s strategic plan in 2015. Now however it's all about expenditure and the European business mogul is splashing some cash.