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Merkel Sits On the Fence As She Calls for Tougher Laws

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in talks with the justice minister and the interior minister about how to handle deportations of migrants breaking the law.

Growth is the Word

Much of the reporting from the World Economic Forum at Davos this year seems to have an optimistic hue to it – not all sunshine...

Eurozone Indecision Lingers

The final installment in the book entitled “Eurozone Leaders Fail to Devise Any Course of Action,” continues as the heads of state met in...

Hollande’s New Budget

Newly sworn into office in May, French President Francois Hollande, is already incurring the wrath of the people with his first budget disclosure. The...

Eurozone Unification

The markets have reacted with a small jump for joy at the new eurozone plans set out by the big four, and this time...

Hollande and Merkel: Let the Games Begin

Now that France has a new leader in Socialist Francois Hollande – and one with an ideology drastically different than that of his predecessor...