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In Memoriam: Steve Jobs

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It’s quite interesting to read the press after the passing of an icon. Especially when the qualities that made that person, in this case Steve Jobs, a celebrity, are those that have nothing to do with traditional fame – not Hollywood, not the music business or sports, but something else entirely – good design! Of course it’s not that simple to reduce Apple‘s world-beating reputation to just sleek minimalism (although the next time you work on a Dell PC, the expression “night and day” is wholly accurate), it’s more than just the ergonomic nature of the products – It’s the holism of the Apple brand that is praiseworthy.

And to find out how this business of communication (because that’s what Apple is about, really) became so successful, remains the billion dollar question; one every inventor, business student, tech nerd, and record industry exec, wants the answer to. There isn’t a single distilled reason for Apple’s success, but an overriding vision that could be the main culprit. An epitaph from the frequently well-written music blog, Pitchfork, summed up Jobs’ abilities nicely, “Jobs was a great CEO, which meant he had a savant’s skill to examine what exists, then to imagine ways of improving it, and organize other smart people to make it a reality…” and this ability had very little to do with the tech-geek side, really. But rather, like a conductor, Jobs was able to amass the best people for their respective roles, and “step outside the box” to deliver something that was always anticipated by the public, and rarely disappointed – a true gift indeed.

And the next time you end up working on a faceless PC, think about the child-on-Christmas-morning-feeling from opening one of Jobs’ creations. In a nutshell, that feeling is what translates to good business – its true essence – and the reason why “things” endure; without the empathy, understanding and desire to create that feeling for a customer, a business or brand doesn’t stand a chance.

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William R. Feins , freelance journalist from London, UK; he received his B.A. degree in Economics and his Masters in Sociology. William has always been interested in the mechanics of business and the inspiration of original thinkers, and firmly believes that the former can’t succeed without the latter. In his spare time, he enjoys the ridiculous spectacle of watching table tennis on a big screen (preferably at a pub) and reading weighty tomes about World War II.


  1. I think the big thing was that he did not cater to what people wanted at one particular time. He just kept pushing through innovations, knowing that people would want at least a part of what he, or rather the apple product, was offering. While he made apple undeniably successful, his work for apple products has transformed the whole way people look at computers.

  2. I am actually sad the to fact that people mourn about his death while he live before and becoming rich and didn’t give much to those unfortunate ones. If only he make some charity while he was making fortune out of consumers. And share those blessings to the most that need it.I hope that Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t happen this to him.

  3. He is such a legend in technology. No one can forget him because of his worldwide invention. WE owe to him the communication we have using the internet and many more. May He rest in peace!

  4. steve jobs is remembered always due to his mind.that he gave to APPLE
    .one day he has no place to live and live in his friends house.but he started
    struggle and made a highly successful person

  5. The name Steve Jobs signifies a famous person who earns fame worldwide for making Apple brand so popular in market. Creating innovative ideas and accomplishing his creativity were his ambition. He did’nt stick to his basis, he tremendously thought for other people and that makes him a well renowned person to remember for years.

  6. Oh! I’m so sad or do remembering Steve Jobs creation in the world of information technology. Your article contributes a lot to the world about him. Hope he can read your article. Great blog.

  7. Steve Jobs was a great innovator, one of the greatest minds that ever lived when it comes to technology. He is deemed as the hero of those who have touch an apple product. He could have been given his own monument for it. Truly, his inventions were brilliant and he will be remembered for this.

  8. Though I don’t have any apple products but I truly appreciate what Steve has done in the world of technology. I’ve watched his speech in Stanford and was so touched on his words of wisdom. He was indeed a great innovator and truly brave in fighting cancer.Rest in peace Steve!

  9. This is really unfortunate that he lost the battle to cancer. He will be remembered for all the things that he invented and all the great movies. I can not live without my iPad and I would have to thank him for making such great technology.

  10. Steve Jobs is truly an icon of today’s generation. More than his work, he is best remembered for how much he changed the world. If not for him, wonder how much we might have done today? He exemplified what it is like to break barriers and accomplish something beyond your means and simply let your innovation and creativity take over.

  11. Steve Job is a very admirable person and he left this world with many of his great legacy left for the whole world to use. His brilliant mind s compare to Thomas Edison, even his critic could not deny his wonderful contribution making technology advances available even to remote corners of the world!

  12. I actually knew him just lately. However, I really admire his story of life. It indeed inspire everybody.. Much more I was impressed to his contributions. He’s truly a great man!

  13. Steve Jobs was definitely one of the greatest minds. With a humble beginning in the garage, he turned it into a multi-million industry. It is not the monetary figure that counts. It is actually how he single handedly shaped the world of technology to what itvis today.

  14. Not all tech and gadget savvy people are pro-Apple but I’m sure most would agree that we just lost an amazing person. Jobs inspired a lot of tech youth to look forward more. His company kept creating such wonderful gadgets and ideas that ‘forced’ rival companies to keep up with them. Jobs’ contribution is the tech field will always be remembered. With humble beginnings to great tech heights, he gave a lot in the name of innovation. May he rest in peace.



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