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Alan Azizollahoff: Gaming and Giving in Equal Measure

Alan Azizollahoff
Alan Azizollahoff

Anyone who has spent time in Las Vegas can understand the thrill of casino life, a Mecca devoted to the big pay-out is almost intrinsically linked to the very notion of what America means; the idea that you start with very little to then explode stratospherically with riches is what could be described as ‘living the dream.’ And it’s a great notion – egalitarian, open to skill and chance – everything is equal on the playing field. The world of gaming is not dissimilar to that of business in general, or life for that matter – good ideas tend to endure, and those who have the ingenuity and foresight (along with a pinch of luck) will continue to thrive.

It’s also no surprise that gaming has had to move with the times, particularly as computers and the internet have become the portal of choice – we no longer need to go to Vegas to experience the buzz of Roulette, Blackjack or Slots – it is available from home or within our own communities (the free drinks and the visual splendor of many retirees and their sea of blue rinse might be missing, however). It has taken time to develop, but now gaming in all of its manifestations is big, big business (Zynga’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker page is the most popular page on Facebook, and the gaming industry online and off creates billions yearly) and if you take a minute to see how good the graphics, sound and feel of the modern experience is, you understand why. This paradigm shift didn’t happen by magic, it took some very bright entrepreneurs to see where people were headed and then create the platform to take them there.

One of the leading lights and forerunners of this evolving technological and cultural medium is a gentleman by the name of Alan Azizollahoff, as creatively diverse a businessman as you can imagine, and a good example of modern entrepreneurialism; a businessman that has learned to exist and thrive with an ability to rapidly change and adapt to markets, progressive ideas and investments.

Born in South Africa and educated in Israel, Azizollahoff first came to prominence after receiving an engineering degree and then investing in the mid 1980’s in a humble bingo hall in Peru. Something so simple on paper, must have flicked a switch of inspiration for Azizollahof because that was just the beginning of what was to become a veritable gaming empire in South America. By 1996, Azizollahof had co-founded Heal Technology, a developmental arm dedicated to bringing electronic Roulette, Craps, Bingo and Slots to a new generation of gaming fans – machines that brought the thrill of casino classics with a new modern paradigm, and to locations like shopping centers, restaurants and other local areas; his portfolio can now boast of over 50 casino properties in Latin America and his Jade Water Group had sales in 2008 of over $80m.

His development and growth weren’t isolated to the world of business, however. Throughout Azizollahof’s successful ascent, he has always been devoted, in equal measure, to philanthropic pursuits. Years before Bill Gates and Warren Buffett made business headlines for their charitable enterprises, before it became ‘trendy to care’ (which is one trend that can’t be disparaged), Azizollahof was involved in helping projects dear to his heart. Currently residing in Miami, Florida, he has found much to keep him busy and many local causes to champion: a proud supporter of his Jewish roots, he has devoted his time, energy and finance to The Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Mount Sinai Medical Center (world renowned facility treating more than 60,000 inpatients a year) and the Willie and Celia Trump Synagogue.

All of the aforementioned charities are community-based and local, but Alan Azizollahof also contributes to an important foundation in Israel, The Tiferet Shlomo Orphan Home – a home for homeless and orphaned children that aims not only to shelter and protect, but crucially, to provide longer term vocational opportunities for social betterment; a way to see that the quality of our connected whole must be nurtured and invested in; and it starts with reaching out to the communities we value.

Like many of his successful business contemporaries, Azizollahof has the ability to grow in his chosen field by looking ahead and seeing where the future of business might lie. Diverse investments and a keen, prescient eye have kept this businessman from stagnating where many others would have. Moving forward individually, and still helping collectively, is a model which the younger generation of CEO’s should adhere to – the Zuckerberg’s of Facebook, and ‘Twitter revolutionaries’ need to develop the ability to adapt and see what may not be presently in front of them; and without love, social conscience and philanthropy, the world of business would have a much more hollow ring.

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William R. Feins , freelance journalist from London, UK; he received his B.A. degree in Economics and his Masters in Sociology. William has always been interested in the mechanics of business and the inspiration of original thinkers, and firmly believes that the former can’t succeed without the latter. In his spare time, he enjoys the ridiculous spectacle of watching table tennis on a big screen (preferably at a pub) and reading weighty tomes about World War II.


  1. It is so admirable to realize such people who earn a lot knows how to give his blessings back to the poor. Even in the proliferation of the gaming industry, values kept within the spirit of Alan Azizollahoff is so evident. Seldom will you see these kinds of people in our society anymore. I hope there will be many more such people to share their lives with the society.

  2. A guy with engineering degree got to become so well know and with such a good mind and hearth.Not so may people are so generous with people in a bad situation especially the orphans children s’

  3. very interesting information. yes people like Bill Gates and Warren have the huge or megnetic attraction for name fame and huge ammassing of capital money perhaps well deserved with hardwaork. As for Alan Azizollahoff whether is is Bingo or Casino, men may play games, win and lose or gain a huge fortunes but the one who votes his life for a righteous cause remains often hidden

  4. This is an inspirational story. It opens up the idea that everyone has a shot to succeed and become as successful as Alan, regardless of what your current state in life is. All it takes is about recognizing the right opportunities and taking advantgae of them, like what Alan did.

  5. I find it very amazing as to how good the graphics are on the computers for these casino games. I personally like going to the casino better because then you get to get out of the house and do something. With everything going technical this will make our world very lazy. People now grocery shop online. I mean come on!

  6. this is a valuable information which i have got, entrepreneurship victories are inspiration for youth, Alan Azizollahoff prediction is amazing,his social activities are appreciable.

  7. I think the way he earned the money was legal and it is on how he use it that makes him what kind of person he really is. It is his love in business that made him successful not in games and he had proven to everyone that a normal person can be successful in life if he/she loves what he/she is doing. It is a double success for Allan because he loves business and he loves to help the poor. I hope many people are like Allan who shares his blessings.

  8. Nice Article. In my opinion it is really enjoyable going to casinos, and to find out that people who own it give some of their earnings to charities, I will enjoy staying there more. Who might know I’ll get lucky the next time. 🙂

  9. vegas is exceptionally famous for its casinos and other games but it is now time that it will be famous for the people behind the development of the city. The story of Alan Azizollahoff is very motivating. We do not come across these type of stories all the time and this is surely a good real life story.

  10. Well from how I read this article, Alan Azizollahoff is indeed a good example of modern entrepreneurship. His ability to rapidly change and adapt to markets, progressive ideas and investments is admirable. But more admirable his his generous spirit which can’t be found in all people as rich and successful as his is. His life has been truly inspiring.

  11. I have mixed ideas about gambling, sometimes I think people shouldn’t gamble as it gives false hope and can make people even more impoverished. However, people who wants to gamble will gamble and might as well have part of the industry (gambling) go to charity.

  12. Nice inspirational and motivating story, more preferably i would say a must read motivational story.Since of the more an more popularity of casinos in the world the world is changing its culture.

  13. Gaming/gambling to other people’s perception is immoral. But we can’t deny the fact that it is a lucrative business. Gaming has transcended and defined to a world-reknowed city which is Las Vegas. And it is a good thing that the “game of chance” do have good intentions to donate some percentage of it’s profit.

  14. This is a very good and informative article. I have never heard of Alan Azizollahoff before but we need more people like him in today’s world where philanthropy is concerned. Especially to assist the children that are without hope unless its given by some one of his caliber.

  15. Alan Azizollahoff said that no surprise that gaming has had to move with the times, particularly as computers and the internet have become the portal of choice.mr.Alan Azizollahof is involved in the charity also.he has also provided financial support in Miami Jewish Federation, Mount Sinai Medical Center.

  16. I’m happy to hear that people are still living a respectable life today. So many people in Azizollahoff’s position would just enjoy their success and keep it all to themselves. The man sounds as though he has really put some effort into his success. Great article.

  17. Nice to know about Mr Azizollahof . A legendary in the making. Hope he continues to flourish his venture in the future also and hope to continue his charity works for the people. Glad I read this.

  18. Mr. Azizollahoff got an awesome entrepreneurial skills and many get to taste his rave of ingenuity. Truly, a remarkable feat and no wonder gaming feat has improve more in recent years. Aside from being a business minded person, Mr. Azizollah also has a meek heart with his participation in sharing his blessing through his charitable activity.

  19. Alan Azizollahoff is a person whom we should deemed as blessed to be a blessing. It is a relief that there are still people like him who has a lot and can live comfortably without having to worry about anything else but doesn’t fail to think of the welfare of others who are less fortunate in life. He is a living modern day hero and should inspire the younger entrepreneurs to share the bounty that they have to those who need them most. Alan Azizollahoff is truly an inspiration.

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