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Merkel Sits On the Fence As She Calls for Tougher Laws


Do the Crime You Pay the Fine – Merkel Talks Tough After Cologne Sex Attacks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel finds herself between a rock and a hard place. After letting in 1.1 million migrants in 2015 with her open door policy for Syrian and Mideast refugees, she is now facing a backlash at home. The events in question of course are the sex attacks that took place in Cologne recently and the angry public outcry that erupted soon thereafter. Merkel continues to defend her open door policy for Syrian refugees, but she believes that laws should be toughened against those who break the law in Germany. And of course, by toughened she means that offenders should be deported back to their countries of origin. She is of the opinion that the requirements for deportation should be relaxed to a degree and that any migrant committing a serious crime should be subject to expedited deportation.

Public Outcry After Cologne Attacks

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel (Wikipedia)

Recently a series of vicious sex attacks was committed by men of Middle Eastern and African origin, and the reaction in Germany has been extremely vocal. According to the law, those seeking asylum in Germany will face deportation if they are found guilty, and sentenced to a minimum of 3 years in prison. But there is a caveat: they can only be deported if their lives in their home countries would not be at risk. Merkel wants to safeguard the rights of migrants who do not share in the heinous acts of those who break the law. She wants to set an example that staying in Germany is a privilege and not a right of anyone who is allowed into the country. But the legal ramifications of deportation proceedings are less clear. It is far easier to allow hundreds of thousands of migrants in than to deport any of them. Changes to the law are in their infancy stages now, and it’s not clear whether things would be applied retroactively or not.

What Is in Germany’s Best Interest?

Merkel is facing a stern test at home. As the one European nation – alongside France – that has allowed millions of migrants into the country, she is finding that public tolerance of such measures is not without its limitations. Although Merkel believes that integration can be successful, even on such a mass scale, there are doubts that managing vast numbers of people will ever be successful. The right wing Pegida movement is not as accommodating to the criminal elements among the migrants. And now we are seeing deep divisions between eastern and western Europe taking place. There are increasing calls from leaders across the spectrum to seal off Europe’s borders before all hell breaks loose.

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  1. Chancellor Merkel has made this outrageous decision to allow milions of refugees, she should have allowed them but to a much limited numbers. Now, as expected, we see the after effects of this decision and this will create an unrest and divide in Europe.

  2. Chancellor Merkel has made this outrageous decision to allow millions of
    refugees, she should have allowed them but to a much limited numbers.
    Now, as expected, we see the after effects of this decision and this
    will create an unrest and divide in Europe.

  3. Merkel has allowed a lot of refugees to enter the country and therefore they will be always problems after this. I think Europe should carefully think about a way to help Syria and end the ones that are causing the problems.

  4. This is a difficult topic for me. I abhor the thinly veiled racism of large parts of the Pegida movement but I must admit I am also shocked by the events of New Year’s Eve. It is painful to watch the verbal contortions of liberal Germans at the moment who seem trapped in the intersection between benevolence towards immigrants of arabic heritage and their desire to defend female freedom in Western countries.

  5. When talking about politics or religion you are never going to please everyone. Allowing so many Syrian immigrants to enter Germany was a good thing, but was it necessarily the right thing? When dealing with more than a few people, it is very difficult to carry out a proper screening process and with this many immigrants it is inevitable that some will not share the values of a different culture and take their acceptance into another country without feeling gratitude. Immigration should not have a negative effect on existing citizens.

  6. giving shelter to refugee will not solve problem.it’s like helping out who wins the lotteries only.make UN a real authority , not like namesake.wherever injustice is happening , be truthful about it and try to give justice by not taking a side through UN would do a really good in the long run.

  7. ‘It is far easier to allow hundreds of thousands of immigrants in then to deport them’ that just about sums up the way Politicians tie themselves up in knots with their own laws and rules and regulations.They make the rules and they come back and bite them on the backside.How come these so called ‘clever people’ in authority could not see that more people would arrive then they predicted?how come i could and many others? Similar to Blair when he opened the UK borders early to give out UK jobs to the Polish ( nice of him wasn’t it?) I Didn’t realise just how many would come’.Do they not get taught common sense at these expensive schools? And how predictable that she can change Eu laws to suit her without asking every members permission when it affects he directly.

  8. I’m glad I came across this article. I had completely misunderstood Merkel’s stance on immigration. Thanks for filling in the blanks for me here! Germany is going to have an uphill climb realigning the country. I think in the end it will be worth it, but I do hope the rest of Europe supports her programme.

  9. Everything I’ve seen about Murkel suggests she is a good person at heart, but I see a few failings in her policy. Hopefully she’ll wise up and turn them around for a better Germany. The EU will be better for it!

  10. Allowing refugees in is one thing, but allowing the amount Germany has let in is a completely different proposition. I hope Germany realises it’s faults and corrects them as it will benefit Germany as well as the EU. Otherwise Merkel has done a good job and has overseen a very successful peiod of German history.

  11. I like this article because it tells the reader both sides of the story and let’s you form your own opinion without going to far into detail. Obviously we all want to help but maybe Germany bit off more than it could chew in this case?

  12. I think She is absolutely right, It’s fantastic that she’s helping the needy by opening Germany’s doors and it’s perfectly fair to deport the ones who misuse this right for criminal activities. The people against the open door policy should understand that crimes are not just committed by the foreigners but also by their own and that the majority of these refugees are good, decent honest people. Thank you for the passion Miss Merkel

  13. I totally support Merkel for allowing refugees into
    Germany. Giving people shelter is definitely an action of goodwill.
    However these people should respect the government that gave them the
    privilege of staying; if not they should go back to their countries.

  14. In my opinion refugees who are mostly doing it for their own benefit and personal gain should be kept watch of while refugees who genuinely need shelter should be let in. Would just like to say this article was a great read though!

  15. I think that anyone who commits a crime in the country that they have migrated to (for whatever reason they may be there) should be able to be deported back to their ‘home’ country without the host country having to try and cut through all of the red tape that currently exists. Merkel is right – we need tougher laws in order to be able to get rid of criminals whether they be refugees or not.

  16. Crimes and those that commit them have to face justice. I think the EU is beginning to take the correct steps.

  17. well i think all these attacks are a lie , where is the cctv proof crime ref number did these crimes reallly take place ??? well i do not think your self

  18. I think Merkel was absolutely right in her stance to help refugees across the world, however I also think she’s correct on her stance about crimes such as these – the kindness of Germany should not be responded to with hate crimes. She’s a wonderful leader and I’m sure she will find a way to balance the two.

  19. Granting refugees the right to enter the country is as kind gesture coming from Germany. However there should be some responsibility for the migrants. As Merkel said staying in Germany is a privilege and not a right of anyone who is allowed into the country

  20. Immigration is scientifically proven to be good for the host country, you just have to be careful about the short term implications. I applaud Germanys humanitarian gesture

  21. No one doubts her efforts providing a shelter for refugees coming from war zones in the middle east but it seems that not only middle east will suffer from terrorism but it started reaching Europe now and no one still know who stands behind it yet.
    I believe as her duty to protect her own people and country strict laws should be legislated and applied on new arrivals

  22. As a politician, I think she’s doing her best – given the current climate. Public pressure will make politicians try to appease popular opinion, so this is just normal really. Well-written article – very informative.

  23. she’s doing her best. there is no doubt about it. she is providing a shelter for refugees coming from war zones in the middle east, she is also helping innocent people.



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