Home News France in Flames: Is it time to Close the Borders Yet?

France in Flames: Is it time to Close the Borders Yet?

Paris Attacks

129 Dead & 352 Injured In Savage Terror Attacks on Paris

Friday, 13 November will live on in infamy in Paris. The date alone conjures up murderous rampages in Hollywood-style blockbusters, but what Paris endured on that fateful day was anything but entertainment. It was to be a day soaked in blood as coordinated attacks across the French capital left some 129 people dead and 352 people injured – many of them critically. 7 Islamic homicidal bombers were involved in the atrocities that shook Paris to its very core. Of the 7, 3 of them are known French citizens. Belgium has been assisting in the manhunt, since one of the vehicles used in the attacks had Belgium plates on it and one of the French citizens was living in Brussels.

Horror of Epic Proportions Descends Upon Paris

Loving Paris

The tragedy that beset Paris was unthinkable and unspeakable. Europe is reeling and fierce debate is raging about how best to deal with the influx of Islamic state terrorists into the traditional safe haven open societies of Europe like France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal and others. France has barely recovered from the Charlie Hebdo massacres 8 months ago, and now it is once again front and centre in the fight against radical Islamic terror elements. The French president declared that France is now officially at war with Islamic State and that these heinous crimes against the people of France will not go unpunished. For its part, IS has vowed further retribution against France and other democracies that are leading the supposed ‘Crusade’ in Arabic countries, notably Syria, Iraq, Libya and others.

Pockets of Terrorists Waiting to Strike

Right-wingers in France like Marine La Pen are now seriously stomping their feet, hoping to gain advantage from the tragedy. But French society which is predicated on liberty, equality and fraternity is unlikely to accede to the rants of nationalists – however impassioned they may be. There is still a great degree of uncertainty about precisely how the attackers managed to set up such an elaborate and coordinated series of attacks in Paris. There are reports that some of the assailants moved through Greece, but with Europe being such a wide open region, it is near impossible to effectively trace the exact movement of people. The US however will be assisting the French with a crack team of FBI agents. The most devastating losses were suffered at the Bataclan concert hall, where 89 people were massacred. The history of the assailants remains sketchy, but there is growing concern that among the millions of migrants and displaced people from Syria, Iraq and other neighboring countries are pockets of terrorists waiting to strike.

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