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Europe’s “Having a Heatwave, a Tropical Heatwave”: Stay Safe on Holiday


he 2018 European drought and heatwave is part of a more significant heatwave affecting the entire northern hemisphere. In early August, temperatures of up to 47 degrees were recorded in parts of Europe. Classified as a heatwave, the extreme temperatures across the continent during summer mean that people need to take extra care to avoid heatstroke and even mild burns. There have been several deaths reported across Europe because of heatstroke already, but there are a few things that one can do to take care during the hottest days.

Siesta Makes Sense

A dog taking a napThe tradition of a long, leisurely siesta during the hours between noon and 3pm make a lot of sense when trying to stay cool in a heatwave. Stay out of direct sun during these hours and make sure to stay hydrated, even if that means repairing to a local watering hole for a liquid lunch!

Sunscreen is Essential

Sunscreen should always be applied before going outdoors in the summer. Forget catching a tan. In extreme temperatures people have been known to get so badly burned they have had to be treated for second-degree burns at local hospitals. Re-apply sunscreen throughout the day and make sure that your lotion has a protection factor of at least 50. As well as always wearing sunscreen, a hat is also essential when out and about in the summer.

Children Need Extra Care

Girl anoints her face protective cream on the beachAll children should wear clothes that cover as much of their delicate skin as possible. Swimsuits should have sleeves and all children should wear sunscreen and hats even during hours of the day. Always keep children well hydrated, with water, not artificial juices, and watch for signs of heatstroke after exposure to the sun. The elderly are also at risk of heatstroke during the hottest days.

Rising global temperatures don’t mean a gradual increase, extreme weather conditions are intensifying each season in many places frequented by holidaymakers. Stay alert and stay safe while on holiday.

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