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Venezuela’s Health System in Crisis – A Nation on its Knees


Country in Crisis

Venezuela has undergone a monumental turn for the worse in recent years with well documented shortages of essential goods affecting Venezuelans in all facets of their day to day lives. Once the most prosperous country in the region and a nation with the world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela is now in crisis following falling oil prices and political mismanagement.
Media coverage has centered on shortages of basics products such as bread, milk or even toilet paper, with queues of people waiting around city blocks for basic products that are often sold out. Now more heartbreaking stories are emerging from the country’s hospitals where people are suffering on a whole new level.

Venezuelan Hospitals in Crisis

The nation’s hospitals have been hit hard by the crisis with shortages of basic medical supplies leading to enormous waiting lists, soaring death rates and hospitals turning people away through their inability to treat them. Hospitals are without basics such as gloves, gauze and needles while doctors cannot print x-ray results so they’re using cell phones to take photos of imagery.
Patients have responded in their own way by sourcing the required equipment for their surgery themselves, often scouring the country for gauze, bandages and antibiotics in an attempt to fast track their treatment. Unfortunately, in many instances this hasn’t helped, doctors have gone as far as stating “we tell them they’ll die if we get them in.”
Patients are regularly staging protests inside their wards and outside hospitals, but power outages, shortages of supplies and unsanitary conditions have left doctors with their hands tied.

Future prospects

Inflation in Venezuela has risen to 500 percent this year, water and electricity are often disrupted and tension levels are at all-time highs with Caracas now rated as the world’s most dangerous city. The dropping oil price has served as the final straw for Venezuela, bringing the country to its knees, though their situation is endemic of political mismanagement at the highest level. Other oil rich nations are not in the same situation and the country’s failure to save wealth during the good times has resulted in a situation that can only get worse. Venezuela is a nation that’s about to erupt.

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  1. It seems that it is imperative that Venezuela needs an overhaul of their healthcare system in order to better serve their people. It should be of the utmost importance.

  2. I don’t see why more countries don’t help Venezuela in this time of healthcare crisis. We help other places. Why not them?

  3. Venezuela is the latest case of a failed socialist sociaty.Comunism and socialist are the worst thing that could happen to a country,any country.

  4. I feel so sorry for Venezuela. It looks like they are short on everything. If they would get a better government in they may be able to turn around.

  5. Wow, this is amazing. I remember writing a paper about Venezuela when I was in high school. at that time they supposedly had the most prosperous country in South America due to their oil reserves. I think this just goes to show that any country can fall apart and I’m hoping for the sake of the Venezuelan people that change comes soon.

  6. this is heartbreaking. i hope all gets better for them out there in Venezuela, it doesnt make it no better we have trump for president now idoubt he’ll lift a finger to help. they need amnesty to intervene.



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