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India’s Increasing Class Divisions


As the world seemingly careens towards untenable resource limitations, the Indian

"Typically lavish layouts for wealthy weddings in India maybe curbed by new rules"

government has come up with an interesting way to keep the balance right. Bloomberg recently reported that the typically lavish layouts for wealthy weddings in India maybe curbed by new rules.

 It’s no surprise that gold has reached record levels and that the price of wheat and corn has doubled in the last few years. The global population keeps exploding and the planet’s resources are finite. India is a country where more than 70% of the population controls only 30% of its wealth. The class divisions are enormous and will continue on this trajectory as the nation increases its wealth, but only in a tiny section of its populace. According to statistics, from the International Food Policy Research Institute, India has 42% of the world’s undernourished children.

Of course cracking down on weddings isn’t the way to deal with class distinctions and food scarcity, but it’s an interesting policy signpost, nonetheless. Can you imagine any kind of limitations set by the government on anything remotely celebratory in the US? Impossible. India’s economy has grown by almost 10% already this year and many of its successful business leaders also seem to have innate philanthropic tendencies towards their countrymen. The caste system has always been in place, but like the current climate in China, there seems to be an underlying desire to provide a more egalitarian work environment. Admittedly, the example given by Business Week of a politician’s son recently throwing a wedding party for 30,000 guests, with 500 food counters seems excessive, but at least the government acknowledges the gluttonous nature of the event. It would never be the case for, say, Congress to comment on the gauche, architectural phallus that bears Donald Trump’s name in midtown Manhattan.

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