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Is “As You Stay” About to Revolutionize Business Travel?

Business Travel

The Ultimate in Flexibility on the Move

For industries that make billions every year, hotels and airlines have some serious shortfalls. If you’ve done a fair share of business traveling, you’ve probably experienced flight delays, long layovers, inconvenient check-in and check-out times, and having to pay full hotel rates, even when you only use the room for a fraction of the time. While travel hiccups like this are often unavoidable, there is an app that can make your trip a little more manageable.

As You Stay

As You Stay makes it possible to place a book a room for a few hours at a time at popular hotels like Hilton, IHG, and Marriot as well as at an exclusive range of boutique hotels. You can book a room for as little as an hour at a time. This means you only pay for the time you’ve booked and are not limited by unrealistic check-in and check-out times. You never have to trudge around with your luggage while you wait for your room to be ready again.

How It Works

The app opens at the Book a Room page where you simply choose a location, enter the check-in and check-out times, and specify how many guests will be using the room. This will bring up local options to choose from with information about each hotel such as its exact location, available amenities, and hotel policies. The app will automatically adjust the price based on the number of hours you require at the hotel.

Who Should Use As You Stay

Travelers with long layovers – Sleeping on uncomfortable airport chairs or dirty airport floors is not fun, and even shopping gets tiring during a long layover. Not to mention the temptation of junk food and coffee or boozy drinks. A few hours in a hotel room can mean a much-needed nap on a comfortable bed, perhaps a salad from room service, or even a movie.

People who are jet lagged – Being jet lagged means that your body is experiencing a different time zone from where it is physically located. This can cause mood changes, daytime fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and even stomach problems. Taking time to recover in a comfortable hotel room could be just what you need.

Business executives who need a quiet space to work – It can be tricky to concentrate on work when you are in busy airport lounges, coffee shops, or hotel lobbies waiting for your room to be ready. With As You Stay, you choose the time you want to check in and the duration of your stay in the room.

Small groups that need to meet – Again, public spaces are not always conducive to business. A couple of hours in a quiet hotel room could be ideal for meetings.

Those who need to have a shower and some time to unwind – There’s nothing better than a long shower and a bit of time to relax after a long trip, especially if you’ve traveled for business and need to be at the top of your game.

People whose flights have been canceled, delayed, or changed – Instead of hanging out at the airport, turn an inconvenience into an opportunity for some quality downtime at a hotel.

Free Hotel Hours Anyone?

As You Stay provides more than just the option to book hotels by the hour, it also offers a useful (and money-saving!) additional feature called Stay For Free. This gives regular travelers the opportunity to earn travel credit by sharing the app with others. Besides this nifty feature, As You Stay has a reservations area where travelers can keep tabs on all their reservations—a handy feature when making multiple stops during a trip! All bookings made with As You Stay are secured with SSL encryption technology and a secure payments system, and Apple enthusiasts will be happy to know that Apple Pay is an accepted form of payment.

Aren’t Travel Apps Just a Gimmick?

Not at all and As You Stay is not the only excellent travel app. These days, there are many other top-quality apps available that can save business travelers a ton of money and endless frustration, such as Skiplagged, for example. This app helps travelers find the cheapest flights possible, even those ordinarily hidden. The information is so good that airlines are getting upset about the revenue lost from travelers finding ridiculously cheap flights. With the Cool Cousins app, travelers are matched to people who live in the area to which they are traveling, which means they get the low-down from a local instead of exploring restaurants and other facilities by trial and error. This boom in travel apps shows there is a shift in how people travel, and it is great to see that the shift is being geared more in the direction of consumer satisfaction.



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