Home Business Google says, “We come in peace.”

Google says, “We come in peace.”


In speaking recently at a conference of Europe’s broadcasting industry in Scotland, Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chairman,

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Google says, “We come in peace.”

reassured all present that his behemoth company wasn’t gunning to change the face of television broadcasting. A huge sigh of relief could be heard across the land. As the announcement that Google would be launching a TV service next year, aptly called Google TV, there was a sense from the industry that this could be a death knell. Not so, said Mr. Schmidt, as quoted in a CNN article, “The internet is fundamental to the future of television for one simple reason: Because it’s what people want… It makes TV more personal, more participative, more pertinent. People are clamoring for it.” But, he clarified where exactly Google would be in the food chain, and it’s not in content creation (one could argue, however, that the major broadcasters aren’t in that either).

The idea behind Google TV seems to be the integration of internet services with television, allowing viewers a more customized experience – the word ‘personalized’ was used several times. Schmidt did also manage to digress from his formal speech to incorporate the recent news of Steve Jobs leaving Apple with words of praise for the visionary, but the business at hand was to leave a reassuring ring in the broadcast industry’s ears, and also a little confusion as to what Schmidt’s mantra would actually mean for them. Those words were: “Mobile, local and social were the key three trends to watch and all would transform television…a golden age of internet-connected television creating new forms of entertainment, advertising and connections between audiences and content.” The industry just wants to keep the content and hopefully be integrated with the advertising – nonetheless you can bet that Google TV has to be pretty good after the company missed the lead on social networking. Stay tuned, and we’ll see.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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William R. Feins , freelance journalist from London, UK; he received his B.A. degree in Economics and his Masters in Sociology. William has always been interested in the mechanics of business and the inspiration of original thinkers, and firmly believes that the former can’t succeed without the latter. In his spare time, he enjoys the ridiculous spectacle of watching table tennis on a big screen (preferably at a pub) and reading weighty tomes about World War II.


  1. I am sure everyone is excited to hear that it is not going to take over the tv industry. A lot of people were worried about losing their jobs over this. I am still not sure what google tv is going to consist of though.

  2. I also do not think that Google will completely wipe out the business industry. These two, tv and internet, seem to compliment each other, despite what most people say. So, I think they are going to co-exist at least for a few more years from now.

  3. I believe that TV and internet will still exist at the same time TV and Internet are parts of our life. Each of them has their role, so they will always exist no matter what. Some people still prefer TV, so Existence of Google TV will not affect the TV industry for sure!

  4. Google is experimenting a lot these days. They are trying to implement each and every new business idea at their hand. They do have a number of successful services and I will be glad if google TV also becomes one of it. However this service will be good for work in few countries which provides a good internet connection unlike the developing countries.

  5. Mr. Eric Schmidt has very well said! Based on what he said, I believe Google TV is one of the brightest ideas Google has ever conceptualized. I can’t wait to have the experience of the integration of internet services with television. A more customized experience in TV viewing sounds really exciting to me!

  6. Whenever there is something new, we would always hear different responses.Some may be positive, and some may be negative. However, a giant like Google that would come into the TV industry can literally change the way things go, and this includes closures and the termination of contracts, both advertising contracts, as well as employment contracts. Deals may end, and these are just some of the apprehensions of the people. Luckily, as Google said, it came in peace. I just wonder how they can do that, in the first place, they will be stepping into the very playing field of the TV industry. Well, the end remains to be seen, and I look forward to knowing it.

  7. Google CEO Eric announced in a conference in a friendly manner that they are not going to harm anyone in the already established TV market. As they have launched their Google TV. also Google TV in not a much talk of the town in some states of USA even after its launch.

  8. Google seems to try and enter almost everywhere it possibly can. They started with a search engine, then email, then browsers. What they will do next can never be said. Whatever they do, however they seem to be very good at it.

  9. Worldwide the company now google has grown up a whole new level. Google has expanded the world on how to market such as mobile phones, internet …. Future google can replace many other items for us

  10. It appears that majority will agree with this afore mentioned phrase- “It makes TV more personal, more participative, more pertinent. People are clamoring for it”. No one can deny the reliability and the constant search for novelty by Google. They are innovative and looking ahea<d with worldwide team for research and experimentation.

  11. This could really be a big leap for Google. The merge of internet and TV is such a genius idea! Then keep up the spirit! anyway they got nothing to lose I dun want to exaggerate but they are already in the lead. 🙂 obviously

  12. people were delighted when mr.Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chairman announced that they gonna launch google tv next year.the basic idea behind google tv is to be the integration of internet services with television and wide chance for viewers.and m sure people gonna love this project.

  13. Google is making a great job. It’s like a service that completes the others channels. It will revolutionize the television to a whole new level. The TV industry has nothing to be worried. They will thank Google forever.

  14. Already google is achieving in lot of fields, now they are ready to deal with TV industry, this is good piece of information. Hope google will make some achievements in this TV field also, i am expecting the new project, hope it will released soon.

  15. I do not think that Google will completely wipe out the business industry. Google’s chairman announced that they gonna launch google tv next year the basic idea behind google tv is to be the integration of internet services with television

  16. as per Mr. Schmidt statement google will not change the face of broadcasting industry. the basic idea behind google tv is to be the integration of internet services with television and wide chance for viewers.the idea behind google tv is Google TV seems to be the integration of internet services with television, allowing viewers a more customized experience

  17. T.v. and internet are already working hand in hand so I don’t think that Google will reinvent the wheel, just tweak it here and there I would think. Let us hope that they have something new up their sleeve that will revolutionize the industry. We will see.

  18. I am very excited to hear about the Google TV. Hope it doesn’t take away the fun of real TV. The satellite rights and other necessary tax will be such a hit if the projects goes well. Better quality, cheaper money! 🙂

  19. This is another Google breakthrough, it shows how they really venture and develop numerous internet services and product like google email, imagery google earth to social networking. I think they can pretty much succeed with everything they will try to put up. Google TV will just be another door and inspiration for other company to follow right after google set it in.

  20. Google TV is an exciting add to the advancement of technology making it more easier for people to enjoy convenience. It only takes a seconds to know the world and making distances a part of the past. Communicating is easy and anyone could enjoy its many exciting add ons.

  21. Google is a huge multinational public corporation and now is trying to integrate internet services to TV and will surely earn profit for advertisements. An innovation in the field of Internet and Television it would be a great way for people to easily access the Television in the internet. I still don’t have any idea what will happen to this new project of google but for sure this will change the face of the internet and the TV. I hope google will be successful in this idea.

  22. What could be better than internet and tv rolled into one? Mr. Schmidt , I’d say is a genius by innovating such technology. People of all ages love tv. Everything can be googled in the internet now where both men and women , old and young alike are so eager to put their hands into. It is about time that we all become tech/internet savvy. It pays to be informed, as what most wise men say. So, where to get the best information? It’s in internet tv by the name Google tv.



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