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Eric Schmidt Scolds the British


The recent annual MacTaggart conference in Scotland consisted of several key points from the Chairman of Google, Eric

Eric Schmidt: "we aren’t interested in original content development"

Schmidt, during his lecture. One of these was a friendly telling of the television industry, in so many words, not to fear Google’s advancement into the broadcasting realm – Google TV is not here to steal your jobs, just re-invent the medium! Considering that GTV has not been doing well in the States and the assurance that “we aren’t interested in original content development,” there was definitely a palpable sigh of relief throughout the crowd.

The other main theme of this venerable broadcasting conference, as told by Schmidt, was why he thinks the UK is lagging behind capitalising on its profound record of technological innovations: “Over the past century, the UK has stopped nurturing its polymaths. You need to bring art and science back together.” He then proceeded to run off a list of all the things that the British can claim as ‘theirs,’ including television, photography and computers and then adding, curtly, “Thank you for your innovation, thank you for your brilliant ideas. You’re not taking advantage of them on a global scale.” Said without any venom just a fatherly warning, it seems judging from the online responses to his comments, many agree.

His points are valid and like most of the social or economic problems in the UK (including the current riots), the mistakes can be traced back to the educational, and deeply entrenched class systems. The rift between brilliant ideas and capitalizing on them is also apparent by how culturally, in the UK, creative arts degrees and science and engineering fields are ghettoized, leaving a chasm that other countries like the US or China happily fill. Schmidt also pointed out that one of the main reasons that Apple is so successful is that the company integrated musicians, poets, artists and engineers to create a holistic product. Wise words form Mr. Schmidt and something the UK needs to heed for the future.

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William R. Feins , freelance journalist from London, UK; he received his B.A. degree in Economics and his Masters in Sociology. William has always been interested in the mechanics of business and the inspiration of original thinkers, and firmly believes that the former can’t succeed without the latter. In his spare time, he enjoys the ridiculous spectacle of watching table tennis on a big screen (preferably at a pub) and reading weighty tomes about World War II.


  1. I think Schmidt was in his right mind when he was addressing this problem. It was not only the courage to scold in public that is the big thing here. The main emphasis here is that behind his scolding, he had logical reasons and a carefully observed and studied result that led to his actions. I think the world needs more leaders like Schmidt. I hope the people he was addressing to would get the message, and do something about it.

  2. I think Schmidt was right when he was addressing this problem he was try to courage the people for he try to make feelings like positive world needs more leaders like him and i think people surely would get message and do something about it.

  3. I already leave a comment for this

    I think Schmidt was right when he was addressing this problem he was try to courage the people for he try to make feelings like positive world needs more leaders like him and i think people surely would get message and do something about it.

  4. I would like to see the video of that courageous lecture of Eric Schmidt. This made me so impressed with him. His message is direct to the point and full of wisdom. The UK should listen to this man! I would like to here more from him.

  5. It could have been, just common courtesy Or maybe his lawyer and public relations advise him to. He want to hold, the trust of the common people. Its not very hard to believe. Over 50% of all internet use is throw GOOGLE.

  6. It is good that he cleared the doubts which were in the minds of the people. Especially the mark that they will not be into original content development was one of the main point. It is a goo thing that the google chairman cleared his plans before launching the GTV in the UK

  7. i think Eric Schmidt is right on his part google would always try to create new jobs but it will never steal jobs plus this is good advancement into the brodcasting industry i dont know why it hasnt got succes in britain.but im sure this scolds will open the eyes of the british.

  8. I support the points made by Eric Schmidt.UK really needs to prove their worth in technological innovations by bringing art and science back together.This is the primary reason why they are lagging behind as very correctly pointed out by the Chairman of Google.I would add that the class divisions is a major problem in the UK.They need to learn better management from secular countries like India.This will enable them to strive for the better in the field of technology.

  9. I have already watch his video on CNN.I think Eric is right in his opinion.As per the market research we are having a huge growth in internet user who are using Google.So his words are to just get our focus on GTv.Yes,its true that Google is trying to advance the system but time will say the effect.

  10. Putting Art and Science together is key to any real development. Schmidt need be commended for his thoughtful conversation on various issues, and future moves of google. Indeed, Google is doing well under his able leadership.

  11. My very simple answer is that USA is a vast continent . The big giants like Google or Micro software company have been making gigantic progress in USA. Uk muswt be immitating but can any one enlighten me any renowned software company having a fame like USA software companies?

  12. Mr. Schmidt is so right in pointing this out. It is not good that we innovate or invent things. We should also try to improve them to keep up with the fast pacing changes especially in the global economy in order to survive. He is only improving and capitalizing to what is already present resources. He ain’t destroying anything for sure.

  13. Well it’s very well said, I think Mr Schmidt really got a very good point there and British people should really take his word. Stating UK had offer a lot of “brilliant ideas” but with lack of globalization and not progressing evenly which they should start to focus on that more in order not to be left out by other countries like USA and China.

  14. every one knows google is a emerged top company, it has its own view to its advance the system , i support Eric Schmidt, google already proved, time has to decide what uk will do for Eric Schmid words..

  15. I agree with Mr. Eric Schimdt on this one, he is not actually scolding the British people but he is trying to inspire them to take a chance to change their schooling system. Combining Art and Science is the way of the future, the key to more advancements for the human race. The British should take a closer look on their education program for the benefit of all their countrymen.

  16. I think that he is making a very good point here. He is explaining to others that are worried about the economy that google tv is not replacing others jobs in the television business. Google is indeed trying to create more jobs for the economy and more products at that. They are a company and it is that companies responsibility to create new and exciting ideas and more that are convenient for use users.

  17. Okay, I think UK need to consider about “the UK is lagging behind capitalizing”. Innovation is needed but the ‘old’ style of UK keep alive. Don’t throw behind the arts and anything that show the character of UK.

  18. As we all know that USA created from the British itself, from the lower class and they work more hard rather then the elite classess.
    The goverment systems also make it more easy to grow more then British can do.

  19. Google is biggest company in terms of profit though the statements made by Eric about UK are correct that they are lagging behind America in technological advancements. Also his statement about Apple is also correct that they integrate musicians and artists to develop and to create great products like ipod touch and ipad.

  20. Intelligent comments from an outstanding person. Yes! its a fact that the Brits have invented many innovative things but they couldn’t take it forward like the Americans or Chinese are doing. Hope they learn more from Eric and his countrymen.

  21. I think Mr. Schmidt intelligence is aggressive and to the point.Technological innovations made by Apple will improve the world future .I just hope many more will come in near future.As he say China and America are in deep struggle to win this battle.Let’s see who will win.

  22. I feel as though after reading this article, that this is inspirational.. because we know that places like USA and Canada are more developed so they have that advantage.. anyways, more power to the Brits!



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