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Banc De Binary: a Model for Online Trading?

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Trading binary options

Binary options is one of fastest growing and most popular trading platforms today. As a consequence, there are a lot of players in the field. Before you choose your online binary options trading platform, be sure to arm yourself with enough information to make your experience successful and enjoyable.

Who’s who in online binary options trading?

The number of online binary options trading sites is growing. This means that traders can access and utilize a sophisticated binary options trading platform from almost any location in the world. Among the top performers and most favorably reviewed are Boss Capital, Banc De Binary, Redwood Options, 24Option, Grand Option, Optek, GoOptions, and CiTrades. All offer platforms for trading in stocks: high-tech, financial, manufacturing, biomedical, etc.; commodities: including oil, gold, wheat and cotton; indices: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P; and currencies (forex): including the Euro, Franc, US Dollar, and Pound.

Regulations and oversight

The tightest regulations are in Cyprus, where many binary options brokers set up shop due to its favorable tax environment. Asia does not have any regulatory agencies, but most Asian binary options brokers are registered in the European Union (EU). EU member states, such as Germany, France, Russia, and the UK have regulations in place to protect binary options traders. Residents in EU countries may trade freely on any binary option platform. Binary options trading platforms located outside of the US have fixed risk and payout and most are not allowed to market to US customers unless they first register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or another regulatory agency. There are no specific regulations for binary options brokers in the US, although binary options are now listed on the exchanges, such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Nasdaq, and are therefore covered under the regulations and transparency required of the exchange.

How to choose your online binary options trader

These should be your top priorities when looking for a binary options broker:
• Ease of use of their online interface
• User education: information for beginners to the binary trading world
• Full package of trading options
• Multiple banking options, quick processing of cash-out requests
• Security
• Customer support

Banc De Binary: a leader in the binary options trading industry

Banc De Binary consistently places among the top reviewed binary options brokerage firms. It meets all of the criteria listed above, is regulated under the EU, and holds a Cyprus securities license.

Ease of use and user education: Banc De Binary uses a cutting-edge internet trading platform that is safe and easy to use, with access to industry information, education and training materials to help new traders make educated decisions.

Trading options: Banc De Binary offers trading options in currencies, stocks, commodities, indices, and pairs.

Banking options: Banc De Binary makes it easy to deposit and withdraw funds via bank transfer, or money transfer agencies such as Western Union or MoneyGram. All credit cards are accepted. It offers Skrill, a web wallet account, for handling trades to those who prefer to keep their trading financial records separate from their bank records.

Security: Banc De Binary uses the most sophisticated encryption technologies to protect private data.

Customer support: Banc De Binary offers 24/7 customer service through chat portals, email, skype and telephone. It deals in a number of languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Arabic.

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  1. Binary options is one of the fastest growing trading platform today, with low risk and high reward. It is high tech and sophisticated, it is therefore imperative that you arm yourself with knowledge about the trader and various aspects of binary option in order to be successful. Trading platforms include Digital options, Long term, Pairs, One touch, 60 seconds etc. Though presently short term trade is the norm but with the growing experience of binary traders, hopefully long term aspect with be more popular.

  2. Potentially worthwhile but risky like many other investments. Only consider this if you have done plenty of research and can afford to lose what you invest should things go wrong.

  3. This is really interesting. I hadn’t heard about binary options trading before today. I would be quite worried as there are no specific regulations for binary options brokers in the US. It seems like it would require a little research to find a reputable and safe binary options brokerage firms.

  4. The most interesting and useful part of this blog post is where it sets out the jurisdictions that have different levels of regulation and oversight. I would imagine that is very important for binary options trading!

  5. I actually signed up with Banc De Binary a while back, and I didn’t know the tiniest thing about binary trading. In fact, that’s why I turned away from it repeatedly in the past. But they had a simple, straightforward tutorial that got me right into the game. Here’s hoping they grow more mainstream!

  6. I like that the number of online binary options trading sites is growing. It didn’t say anything about the binary options in Canada, so I would have to look for more information about that.

  7. I’ve been hearing a lot about Binary Options these past few months, and I’ll admit, I’m a little bit intimidated by everything. Is there anything that you’d recommend for a newbie like me who would like to get his feet wet, but not lose his shirt in the process?

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