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About The Author



William R. Feins is a freelance journalist currently living in London; he received his B.A. degree in Economics and his Masters in Sociology.
William has always been interested in the mechanics of business and the inspiration of original thinkers, and firmly believes that the former can’t succeed without the latter.
In his spare time, he enjoys the ridiculous spectacle of watching table tennis on a big screen (preferably at a pub) and reading weighty tomes about World War II.

Latest Posts by William Feins

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The Silvertooth Experiment In the 1800s an idea was proposed that light can travel through empty space and that it can be explained by using...

Artificial Armies Rising in Intelligence

Do you Remember Technophobia? Around the 1980s and 1990s when computers became popular, some of us were fascinated with these new machines and excited about...

Oil & Gas: Responding to Change Through Innovation

No longer the domain of media loving, ten-gallon hat wearing moguls in Texas, the oil and gas industry is a diverse and challenging sector...

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