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4 Top Space Age Tech In 2017

Eurocheddar - a thinking robot

Top Technology Trends Predicted at the CES Convention

3D printing, the beginnings of AI, and Pokèmon Go were some of the leading tech trends of 2016, making life a little bit more interesting, simpler and more fun. Pondering on what new technology and gadgets 2017 has in store, can be exciting.

The CES tech convention that takes place in Nevada, Las Vegas at the beginning of every year, reveals the latest advances in technology and whets the appetites of high-tech enthusiasts from all over. The convention, which began on the 4th of January, presents some of the top industry giants alongside hundreds of noteworthy start-ups – all excited to demonstrate what they are working on. Let’s delve into the areas that are getting the most attention this year:

Driverless CarsEurocheddar - autonomic car

Uber and Google have been making waves in the industry with self-driving trials on the streets of the US, so it’s not surprising to see more companies entering this field with their own interesting innovative advances. Industry giants BMW, Honda and Toyota are hosting events at the convention and Hyundai may even be doing some driverless test-drives at the show. Faraday Future, a start-up that had a concept of a driverless electric supercar at CES 2016 returns this year sporting their first production car.

AI and Robotics

Eurocheddar - a thinking robotVoice-controlled home hubs are becoming a reality with futuristic products like the Amazon Echo. The 2017 conference presents an extended range of products that can be integrated with existing home hubs, taking this fantastic reality one step further.

Virtual Realityeurocheddar-virtual-relity

The Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and HTC Vive put Virtual Reality on the mainstream map in 2016. In 2017 this software is bound to explode, bringing even more interesting realistic experiences to consumers. There are rumours that HTC will be using CES 2017 to introduce the latest version of Vive with some interesting additions to the experience.


eurocheddar-felxable-screensTraditionally all the major television brands reveal their latest range at the CES and Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic are continuing this trend this year. Although it is usually about each brand’s version of HD and smart TV set-ups, last year LG revealed a TV screen that can be rolled up. It will be interesting to see if they can top that this year. Perhaps this is the year in which the holographic technology seen in sci-fi films finally becomes a reality.

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  1. I feel virtual reality will be the screens of the future. The tech needs to move faster and made available in the home. This Is the only way it will be cost effective. Often you see good ideas over prices and become too expensive,to maintain and manufacture.
    This leads to them only available to businesses or serious developers.
    Not good

    Bring it to the masses

  2. I think the advancement of technology is amazing, using the exponential graph of time vs technological growth really shows us that things are moving faster and faster. for me personally its the driverless car I’m waiting for, I hate city traffic!

  3. Driverless cars driving on the streets, AI and life like Robots, Virtual reality Games, Holographic TVs the future is here and it just keeps getting better and better, when will it end. It seems like anything we can think of can be done.

  4. I think virtual reality will be the next big thing for commercial technology. Already with have VR goggles that we can use with just our phones thar transport us to a rollercoaster in space, in the comfort of your own livingrooms. Imagine what can be done within the next few years as the technology progresses even further.

  5. I would love to see some of this technology soon, I have yet to actually see a driverless car in person, here’s hoping i wont have to wait too long.

  6. Battery technology is the main one for me. With improvements the electric car will be a cheaper and more viable alternative to gas. Countries which have lots of sunlight can use it with solar power , so they can charge by day and use by night. Then there are mobile phones, tablets, laptops Internet of Things, Drones etc which will all benefit from improvements in battery technology.

  7. I think that automation will soon take over the labor market and things like household robots to do menial chores will become available. Everyone will have driverless cars soon too.

  8. All of these are interesting in theory and even some we are not a million miles away from fine tuning. My biggest concern would be the driverless cars and AI & Robotics. There is just too much margin for error. Hackers would have a field day and manufacturers QA processes would have to be the most stringent in the world. Price would go through the roof and demand would be for those who could afford it.

  9. I love the idea of advancements in technology, but there has got to be a point where we create something technilogical that can out-think, out-speed, and out-do us Humans. If people think that it is had to get a job these days, just wait until technology makes even more mainstream advancements. It’s definitely coming guys.

  10. I agree with Jonny. For all manner of reasons, i hope the burst of enthusiasm for driverless cars peters out, and the whole project ends up as a niche interest. The insurance involved when things go wrong should be enough of a put off for this not to be adopted across the board.

  11. I am curious to find out what blog system you have been working with? I’m experiencing some minor security problems with my latest blog and I would like to find something more secure. Do you have any solutions?

  12. We live in amazing times, technological advances are moving at an incredible rate! Under the skin implants will not be far away imo and will enable us to control phones, interweb and bank accounts with the swipe of a wrist.

  13. With how advanced technology is now, it is weird to think that in 30 years time, we will be looking at today’s technology and wondering how we got by. Something does scare me about driverless cars but perhaps we will see a rapid reduction in accidents.



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