Deep Pockets, Deep Throat

It seems the blame game for the global financial horror show will continue apace. As Lloyd Blankfein et al, begin to defend their tattered reputations in front of tribunal after tribunal, another organization has come under the hatchet as well, and this seems a little more embarrassing. Apparently, over thirty employees of the Security and Exchange Commission, which is effectively the watchdog for the stock exchange and money markets, have been discovered to have cruised porno sites on government computers, whilst the country was sinking into economic turmoil.  These ‘watchdogs’ are also mostly earning well over $100k a year. So much for trying to sell regulatory reform to the public, eh? It’s interesting to note that CNN, whilst running this story along with the NY Daily Post and others also had another kinder, gentler article about the adult entertainment industry. Apparently the race for constant technological innovations, like those on [...]