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The Circus Continues in Italy

Austerity measures throughout the eurozone have seen the same response from the public: vast protests, often violent, Silvio Berlusconi (Photo credit: Wikipedia) including tens of thousands whilst many government officials nervously attempt to reconcile the ‘necessary medicine’ of higher taxes, slashed pensions and public sector cuts with winning the public’s confidence. Italy is no different in this regard, from Greece, Portugal or Spain – but their level of absurdity and blatant corruption surely must take first prize. That old, inexhaustible warhorse Silvio Berlusconi is at it again, recently giving a press conference on the eve of his new five-year jail term (reduced to one) for corruption. The perma-tanned man poured scorn on his ‘persecutors’ and also the one-year-old government of Mario Monti, blaming him for ‘fiscal extortion’ and essentially ruining Italy. The irony comes from a man who surely must have faced the aforementioned charge amongst the multitude of others in his history. […]

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The Global Office Space

With businesses rapidly adapting to current IT challenges, and the cloud computing phenomenon taking hold, the new model is ‘mobile workplaces’ — essentially Starbucks and an iPad — the vision of the future. That means the culture of a communal office space may be becoming extinct. The now ubiquitous iPad’s and Smartphones mean that many are able to work on the run, where and when they want. Forrester, a research company in the US, claims that three quarters of companies in Europe and the US are already using Apple’s iPad’s for their businesses, perhaps leaving the notion of human interaction, board meetings and office cubicles a thing of the past. […]

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