Profiles: Lars Windhorst – From Boy Genius, To Surviving The Tide

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Often what is reported in the business press is without context; businesses rise, businesses fail, and what is behind these outcomes is usually confined to a sound bite in Business Week or on CNN. Behind every company, large or small, is the IDEA that created it, and behind that are the INDIVIDUALS that gave that idea life. Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc., don’t exist in a vacuum, and you can be sure they’ve faced many unique obstacles to get to the position they’ve achieved – and once they’re “there”, that brings a whole new set of challenges.
Eurocheddar is starting a new monthly profile column aimed at looking at the personalities behind businesses, and attempting to illuminate what made them successful and, more importantly, inspirational. “A life less ordinary” would be an apt catchphrase to describe Lars Windhorst. This story begins with a boy, who by the age of […]