From App’s to Riches – Bubble Ball

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The American obsession of a phoenix-like ascendency from humble origins is still being propagated – but the tools have changed. Oh sure, everybody loves a rags to riches story, the culmination of which is always supposed to be brought on by sheer ‘sweat of brow,’ and a primal ingenuity.  It’s the American dream, the stuff of legend – but now the new rock stars are those who create a YouTube video that goes viral or a teenager who, in his spare time (always seemingly in ‘his father’s garage’), creates an App that captures the zeitgeist.

The last case mentioned above relates to the latest iPad darling and new generation hero: 14-year-old Robert Nay from Spanish Fork, Utah. Hollywood scriptwriters are already dipping their quills in ink over this one! As CNN and iTunes reports, the little weasel has created the most popular free app on iTunes, knocking out ‘Angry Birds’. […]