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About Euro Cheddar

Across the vast and growing expanse of what is known as Europe, businesses are being born and dying as quickly as technology is changing to facilitate those actions. This is not a blog about technology Strictly Or brands Specifically. But more a selective look at what’s happening in business – who’s making decisions, who are the faces behind those decisions, and ultimately – who brings the cheddar!

Our aims are to be informative, illuminating, thought-provoking, or occasionally just deliver a tasty curio on a drab Monday morning to compliment the coffee you’re drinking. We will steadfastly try to avoid what it is we don’t like about other business blogs: self-satisfied, bone-dry commentary from a Keynesian economist who hasn’t kissed a girl since 1982. No! Business can and should inspire.

We trawl through the latest business news from around the continent – separate the wheat from the chaff, the ham from the spam, and the Gouda, Provolone, Munster, Emmental, and Camembert, from the…

…enough already. Welcome to our site.


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