Hubble Telescope Seems to Show Water Jets Spewing Out From Europa

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Might There Be Life on Europa? Astronomers and space buffs were elated last week when the Hubble telescope provided images of what appeared to be water spouts shooting out of Jupiter’s moon, Europa. In 2013, [...]

Facebook Disputing Class Action in Europe’s Top Court

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Facebook privacy is under the spotlight again, this time in the CJEU, Europe’s top court, as they face a ruling on whether charges against the social media giant can be categorized as class action. Austrian [...]

The Political Elite Influencing the Real Estate Industry

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Why Are London’s Property Prices Still Rising? In the aftermath of the Brexit, politicians expected the housing market in the United Kingdom to collapse. Now, 2 months in that has still not happened. The economic [...]

Catastrophic Food Shortages Causing Health Disaster in Venezuela

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On the Brink of Mass Starvation in Venezuela, decades of Failed Policies Leave Venezuela at Risk Venezuela was once an example of profitability on the South American continent. The high oil prices during the years [...]

Venezuela’s Health System in Crisis – A Nation on its Knees

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Country in Crisis Venezuela has undergone a monumental turn for the worse in recent years with well documented shortages of essential goods affecting Venezuelans in all facets of their day to day lives. Once the [...]

Pokémon GO Where?

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The Pokémon GO craze has the capacity to take augmented reality into the mainstream. Born in the 1990s, this Japanese cartoon has staged a comeback that Rocky Balboa would be proud of. It’s a blend [...]